Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

general election 2010


[This is an archive of links from the 2010 General Election - many links are no longer current and have been removed] 

All links are to external websites


General information

Electoral Commission
Guidance on Hustings Events (PDF)
Electoral Commission general information

Charity Commission
Guidance on Charities and Elections

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Media statements by a number of major national churches responding to political extremism and encouraging people to vote, plus regional and local ecumenical statements:

Baptist Union of Great Britain

Church of England, including Prayers for voters ahead of the General Election

Quakers in Britain

Roman Catholic Church in England & Wales

The Salvation Army


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Other Christian organisations

Ask the Climate Change Question
In 51 targeted marginal seats, Christian Aid is joining Oxfam, the RSPB, Tearfund, CAFOD, Greenpeace and WWF to make climate justice an election issue.

Bible Society
Interesting resources about faith and politics

Election toolkit, including election guide.

Make the Cross Count, including policy papers on a number of issues.

Evangelical Alliance
Election coverage  

The Faithworks 2010 declaration
Steve Chalke video interview with Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg about their views and plans for the future role of faith groups. 

Mothers' Union
Guide to the 2010 general election: New Vision, New Future  (PDF)

Premier Christian Media
Promise to vote

Restoring Faith in Democracy
Join the network of churches and groups working to hold their local MPs accountable.

Download flyer: Holding your MP to account (PDF, 216k)

Westminster 2010 Declaration of Christian Conscience

Why Bother? Election 2010
Aimed at engaging young people, especially young Catholics.

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Political extremism

The Methodist Church
Guidelines for Churches dealing with Extremist Political Parties (PDF)

Baptist Union of Great Britain
Guidance on political extremism

Church of England
(see particularly ELECTIONS on page 8)
Countering far right political parties, extremist groups and racist politics: a guidance note (PDF) 

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Christian political party organisations

Christians in Politics
A gateway organisation for the Christian groups in the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties. Includes a video message for Christians from the main party leaders which could be downloaded to show at a church hustings. 

Christian Socialist Movement 

Conservative Christian Fellowship 

Liberal Democrat Christian Forum 

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General Election Prayers 

Church of England
Prayers for voters ahead of the General Election

General Election Prayer Points

Mothers Union Guide to the General Election
Bible reflections, prayers and litany: pages 11-14 (PDF)

Live Simply's Why Bother? site
Prayer ideas  (PDF)

Christians in Politics' Politics Sunday Resource Pack
Prayers for Parliament: pages 13-14  (PDF)

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The Heritage Alliance
Places of Worship Manifesto

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