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PLEASE NOTE: This page was for the 2010 general Election

See for the 2015 General Election

Hustings registration

This system was designed for those in churches and church-based organisations who are interested in organising hustings events (including if in collaboration with other organisations). The aim was to help avoid duplication of effort within a constituency by allowing you to see who else is interested in organising a hustings, plus events that have already been arranged.

Those interested in planning an event were asked to register contact details on the system so that others within their constituency could get in touch.

When the event had been organised this entry could be updated to include the details of the husting, such as date, time and venue.

Guide to organising a hustings

This guide provided general information about organising an election event:
Planning a Hustings Meeting 2010 version (PDF)

See for the 2015 guide.

Registration instructions

For help registering on the 2010 hustings system there was an FAQ

You could also printout these instructions before registering for the first time:
Hustings Registration System - Instructions (PDF)

For help downloading PDF files look at this guide.

Initial registration

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